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2. Copyright: Copyright © 2020-2025 Bright IDEA Consulting, LLC. All rights reserved. All materials presented on this site and social media sites are copyrighted and owned by Bright IDEA Consulting, LLC, or other individuals or entities as designated.   Any republication, retransmission, reproduction, downloading, storing or distribution of all or part of ANY of the materials produced by Bright IDEA Consulting, LLC and its partners, affiliates, or sponsors for the purpose of sharing, creating derivative work, marketing, or selling without the owner’s written consent is considered stealing and expressly prohibited. 

3. Refunds/Exchange Policy:  Given the nature of the downloadable and digital items, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Bright IDEA Consulting, LLC  has a strict NO REFUNDS/NO EXCHANGES policy. No refunds or exchanges will be provided for any of the goods and services purchased from this company or its affiliates, sponsors, and partners. If you are part of a cohort that you were not able to complete, you may request to complete any unfinished sessions in the following cohort.

4. Cancellation Policy:  We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be considered a “No-Show” and charged the full price of your appointment. NO REFUNDS/NO EXCHANGES for no-shows or other paid services rendered or not. 

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